Maintenance Power Box
Maintenance Power Box
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SABO Maintenance Power Box (Cabinet), with a high degree of protection, high safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, convenient connection, long service life lamp features. Applicable to the rated working voltage of 230V/400V, frequency 50/60HZ, DC 440V power distribution network, as the maintenance equipment or the use of electric power equipment.The equipment has the function of overload, short circuit and leakage protection, the box adopts metal, engineering plastic (polycarbonate) or glass fiber (SMC), the overall protection level of IP65 above. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, cement, petrochemical, coal, ports, docks, airports, rail transportation, machinery, food, construction, sports, landscape, and other various industries Touchi, outdoor places.

1.Execution Standard

  • GB7251.1-2013,GB7251.4-2006

  • GB11918-2014,GB11919-2014

  • IEC60439-1,IEC60439-4

  • IEC60309-1,IEC60309-2

  • IEC and other relevant national standards

2.Product Features

  • beautiful appearance, novel structure, high protection level

  • has the function of overload, short circuit, leakage protection and so on.

  • a protective switch chamber with an observation window for easy operation.

  • Combination to achieve different voltage level socket configuration

  • the case of the material of the box material is flame retardant, self extinguishing, aging resistance, good thermal stability.

  • chemical media, atmospheric media

  • electrical scheme is flexible and easy to combine.

3.Product Form

  • cold rolled steel box

  • stainless steel plate

  • engineering plastics (polycarbonate) box

  • glass fiber (SMC) box

4.Technical Parameters

  • rated insulation voltage: AC 660V

  • rated working voltage: AC 230V/400V, DC 440V

  • rated operating frequency: 50/60Hz

  • single loop output current: 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 200A, 400A, 250A

  • single circuit output voltage: AC 20-25V, 40-50V, 100-130V, 200-250V, 380-480V, 500-690V

  • output socket number: 3P+PE, 3P+N+PE, 2P+PE

  • protection level: plastic box IP67, metal box IP56

  • power frequency withstand voltage for 1 minutes: 2.5KV / 1Min

  • clearance: ≥5.5mm

  • creepage distance: ≥10mm

5.Product Selection

According to the installation method, the box material, the protection level, the distribution plan and so on the parameter choice model, the concrete type selection according to the following chart shows