Isolated Safety Grid
Isolated Safety Grid
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SABO isolation safety gate is based on national standards: GB3836.1-2000 "explosive gas environment with electrical equipment Part 1: General requirements" and GB3836.4-2000 "explosive gas environment with electrical equipment fourth parts: essential safety type" I "carefully designed products. Is the connection between devices and associated control room instrument instrument, can be widely used in the industrial process control system,

1.Comprehensive Features

1) the power supply input circuit - the complete electromagnetic isolation between the circuit and the output circuit.

2) full modular design, small size, low power consumption.

3) on the stability time 3~5 seconds.

4) without zero point and full scale.

5) thin card mounted structure, flame resistant material shell, the thickness of only 16mm, intensive installation, combination and disassembly are very convenient.

6) plug type terminals, power supply terminal independent, with little plug.

7) installation, wiring, maintenance simple.

8) through security certification.

2.Technical Specifications

1) Working power supply

Independent power supply terminal connection, power supply: 20 ~ 35VDC

2) Safety isolation

Between the safety zone and the hazardous area loop 250VDC/AC

3) Isolation strength

Input / output circuit / power supply: 50Hz /1 min 1500V~2500V (AC).

4) Terminal

Plug type terminals 3mm a total of 14 holes

5) Terminal label:

Intrinsically safe terminals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Non intrinsically safe terminals 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

The power supply terminal 13, 14

Suitable for cutting area not exceeding 2.5mm2 of multi beam or single stranded cable.

6) Installation and location

35mm standard guide card installation; recommended vertical installation form (see vertical installation diagram).

SABO isolation safety gate is installed in the safe area

7) Environmental temperature and humidity limit

The working temperature:of 0~+60

Transport: storage temperature-20~80

Relative humidity :5 ~ 95%RH

8) Dimensions: W*H*D =W16×H116×D110(mm)

9) Weight of the machine: About 110g ~ 120g

3.Product Structure:

SABO isolation safety gate is a clamping type structure, modular table core, ABS material shell, plug type terminals.

1) Safety (risk) side terminal

Blue logo, connected to field equipment

2) Power indicator:

Light when the meter is energized or in normal working condition

3) Non intrinsically safe (An Quance) terminal

Green logo, connected to the control system or other unit combination instrument

4) The left housing cover

Close button and the right instrument chassis, with a suitable tool to pry open

5) Power supply terminal

2 hole 3mm power supply connection (13-/14+)

6) Air cooling hole

Dense cooling hole, ventilation convection design

7) Product label affixed to the site

PET heat resistant material labels, labeling product type code

And related important parameters

8) Right side housing

For the main chassis member, and the left shell cover buckle.

9) Install bayonet

The 35mm standard DIN rail mounted cassette (specific) as shown below

4. figure and installation diagram