Smart City Internet of Things
Smart City Internet of Things
Date:2015/12/25 17:53:32 Visits:Times

SABO Smart City Solution is the use of Internet of things, cloud computing and other advanced information technology means, comprehensive sensing, analysis, integration of key information in the city, through the provision of intelligent services, so that the city's management and services more effective, for the city's industrial and commercial activities and the public to provide people with social, people and people, people and the environment.

The solution is to use a new generation of information technology, to recognize the object, to achieve the information transfer between the city and the object, and to carry out the unified management and scheduling of the information.

1. Infrastructure:

  1. Municipal water supply

  2. Power supply

  3. Gas supply

  4. Street lamp

  5. Traffic parking

  6. Sewage pipes

  7. Road planning;

  8. Health

  9. Environmental protection

  10. Industrial and mining enterprises

  11. Tourist attractions

  12. Communication facilities

  13. Education and campus.

2. Architecture:

  1. Water quality environmental monitoring system;

  2. Intelligent energy management system;

  3. Intelligent traffic management system;

  4. Intelligent security management system;

  5. Intelligent ticket management system;

  6. Medical information system;

  7. Air pollution monitoring system;

  8. Building energy management system;

  9. Virtual tourism management system;

  10. Mobile office management system;

  11. Intelligent campus management system;

3. Smart City Operations Management center:

  1. Intelligent Energy

  2. Intelligent Transportation

  3. Wisdom Medical

  4. Intelligent Building;

  5. Intelligence Environment

  6. Wisdom Education

  7. Intelligent Tourism

  8. Intelligent Finance