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SABO Industrial Plug and Socket model complete, advanced technology, beautiful appearance, convenient use, high level of protectio
SABO Maintenance Power Box (Cabinet), with a high degree of protection, high safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, conveni
SABO Visible Cut-off Switch, comply with IEC60947-3 and GB 14048.3 "low voltage switchgear and control gear - Part third: switch,
SABO non standard distribution box (cabinet), is our company according to the relevant national standards and the actual needs of
SABO lighting distribution box, isolation switch box, control button box, terminal box, waterproof box, window and other products
SABO Ultrathin Relay assembly is a 6.2mm, a complete set of assembled ultra-thin relay, which is composed of a terminal type base
SABO Signal Isolator applicable to the connection between industrial field instruments and control room. It can effectively solve
SABO isolation safety gate is based on national standards: GB3836.1-2000 "explosive gas environment with electrical equipment Part
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