Visible Cut-off Switch
Visible Cut-off Switch
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SABO Visible Cut-off Switch, comply with IEC60947-3 and GB 14048.3 "low voltage switchgear and control gear - Part third: switch, isolator, isolating switch and fuse combination electric appliance standards". Suitable for distribution network with 50 ~ 60Hz and voltage below 690V, It is a simple and feasible solution for the operation control of the industrial field, such as the emergency disconnection of the electric equipment, the safety of the spot, the control of the motor, the reverse control, the variable speed drive control and so on. Widely used in cement, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, coal, machinery, rail transportation, port terminal and other industries.

1.Execution standard

  • IEC60947-3, GB14048.3

  • IEC60364, EN60204-1

  • EN60439, EN60695-2-11

2.Technical Parameters

  • Rated insulation voltage Ui(V):800V

  • Rated voltage of Uimp(KV) :8KV

  • Rated working voltage Ue(V):AC415V, AC500V, AC690V

  • Rated working current Ie(A):100A,160A,250A,400A,630A

  • Rated frequency:50~60Hz

  • Protection level:IP65

3.Structural characteristics:

1)switch contact visual functions: This product selects SOCOMEC SIRCO MV series and ABB OT series isolation switch, has completely disconnected indicator function, switch contacts off state at a glance, to protect the equipment and personal safety.

2)safety interlock device: This product use safety interlock device developed by our company, cannot open the door when the switch is in the closing state, only in the off state to open the door; when the box door open switch is not closed, only switching in the closed state. Through the safety interlocking device to protect the safety of personnel and equipment in the industrial field.

3)handle padlock device: This product has three operating handle padlock device, to prevent the misuse of non working personnel and the hidden trouble of safety. When the field equipment during overhaul and maintenance, maintenance workers, dispatchers and security staff can handle padlock respectively in the product up accordingly, so that only the three people all take the padlock products to operate, to ensure maximum field equipment and maintenance personnel.

4)box sealing protection device: This product set the brim device at the top of the box, the box door along an angle of 45 degrees valgus, disposable dispensing box door seal, the seal into the wire cable fastening bolts etc., so that the box protection grade reaches IP65.

4.Installation and use

1) To open the packing box: check the integrity of the packaging, check the type of equipment, specifications, etc..

2) Installation: hanging installation. When installation should ensure that the vertical and horizontal deviation installation, horizontal deviation shall not exceed 2mm/m. Fixed after repeated adjustment. Installation size: see drawings.

3) Connection: the installation of the box is fixed, the cable will be out of the fastening bolts and the access switch is connected to the line. To ensure that the ground wire is reliable.

4)operating instructions:

   a)Switch closing

    The first step: close the box door with a key

    The second step: rotate the handle clockwise switch on

   b)Cut-off switch:

    The first step: counterclockwise rotation handle disconnect switch

    The second step: after switching off open the door with a key


    The first step: after switching off, through the window to confirm the switch contacts have been disconnected

    The second step: pull the locking device of the middle part of the handle, padlock

5.Equipment maintenance

1) equipment maintenance is divided into regular maintenance and daily maintenance.

2) regular maintenance is to inspect and clean the device regularly, check the flexibility of the operating mechanism and the contact points and the flexibility of all electrical components and accessories, check the performance of the electrical components and accessories, check the wiring terminal, check whether the grounding device is good, check the neutral line of the contact and the fixed contact.

3) routine maintenance is often to clean it's internal and external, check the operating mechanism of the action flexibility and the flexibility of the contact, check whether the electrical connector has over heat.


  1. Electrical schematic diagram

  2. Mechanical drawing

  3. Mounting dimensions

7.Product Selection

According to the installation method, the box material, the protection level, the distribution plan and so on the parameter choice model, the concrete type selection according to the following chart shows