Lightning Surge Protector
Lightning Surge Protector
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SABO lightning surge protective device (SPD) is suitable for AC IT, rated voltage 380V and the following TT, TN-S, TN-C-S, 50/60Hz and other power supply system, such as lightning and other potential connection, safe and reliable, easy to install.

1.Execution standard:



2.Installation Area:

Installation in LPZ0A area, LPZ0B area, LPZ1 area, LPZ2 area, LPZ3 area, etc..

3.Place of Application:

The floor, computer center, telecommunications room, elevator control room, frequency conversion equipment control room, hospital operation room power distribution box, power distribution box, such as the three power supply lightning protection and surge protection requirements.

4.product classification:

1) power supply lightning and surge protection

2) signal lightning and surge protection

3) ethernet lightning and surge protection

4) lightning protection box and lightning socket

5) lightning rod and lightning counter


SABO antenna, while providing a full range of surge protection coaxial line, monitoring, remote telemetry signal, so as to ensure the TV satellite tuner, satellite signal receiver, microwave station, mobile communication base stations and closed-circuit television monitoring system, security system, satellite communication system, computer network system, Modem, DDN, line fax machine, telephone circuit lightning surge and overvoltage protection network.