Streetlight & Charging-Pile
Streetlight Charging-Pile Integrated
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SABO Streetlight Charging-Pile Integrated solution through the introduction of German advanced technology research and development, and then combined with the actual situation in our country to optimize a solution. This scheme simply speaking is the transformation of the city streetlight into charging-pile, specifically is on the streetlight rod is provided with a charging socket, and then use SABO provides an intelligent charger, connected with a streetlight rod socket to complete the charging and automatic settlement.

1 System Components:

 1) Socket(Socket)

 2) Intelligent charger (Smart-cable);

 3) Connection manager (Connectivity-manager);

2 System Description:

1) Socket (Socket): can be installed in a variety of environments, including walls, independent charging pile and even street lights, charging power up to 40KW (63A).

2) Intelligent charger (Smart-cable): contains compatible with all models of smart meters and M2M communication protocol (machine intelligent terminal interaction as the core and the network applications and services). when the user logs can see real-time billing.

3) Connection manager (Connectivity-manager): charging and payment of part of the transparent display platform, but also can query to the nearest rechargeable and can real-time display transaction data, accurate calculation of charge quantity and provide monthly bills and help users of energy management.

3 Use Methods:

SABO Streetlight Charging-Pile Integrated solution is very simple to use, users from charging to pay the process requires only a simple three step:

First step connection charging facilities, smart charger automatically for the user has been registered for identification and authorization and unlock the socket;

Second step charging, through the mobile measurement technology, smart charger accurately measure the amount of charge and the relevant data for billing, and through the wireless to the power company and SABO management platform to send data;

The third step is to pay, all the charging data will be accurately recorded and organized into a detailed bill, the user can choose according to the need to send their own mobile terminal or personal mailbox.

4 Program Features:

1) The scheme only marketable pole to do just a little to transform a Sabo socket, users only need to buy Sabo intelligent charger, connecting pole charging and automatic settlement, compared of hundreds of thousands of yuan in the construction of a charging station, our scheme is economical and simple.

2) The scheme can support any electric vehicle charging on the same public charging pile, and the charging line can be directly connected to any power source including a street lamp;

3) We are not only making electric car charging outlets, we also sell electricity! Our sales model is also very simple, through the smart charger and electric meter module will be sold to electric car users and earn the difference.

4) When charging users reach a certain number, electric vehicles like is numerous batteries. At one end and a certain amount of renewable energy to form a virtual power plant, and the other end of the customers form demand side response, this is the real power mobility, or mobile power.